What better name for a Lingerie Waitress in Darwin then Crystal right. Well if you are requiring a special something to make your function fire then why not get some Crystal. We all that if you are having a bucks party and you don't have a skimpy barmaid or waitress then your mates will send you to the Naughty corner.

This rings true for , Birthday Parties, Private Functions, Card Nites, Xmas Shows and Boat Cruises. But everybody has a normal waitress or waiter but how many offer Lingerie waitresses, not many I tell you. I know because of the amount of calls I have been inundated with since I opened for business in Darwin.

Lingerie Waitress Darwin

Because of the shortage in Darwin I could charge much more, but I charge a very reasonable $80 bucks an hour about half of what a mechanic charges but with a much more pleasant smile.

Now for your Eighty bucks an hour you are getting a lingerie waitress with over 5 years of hard earned experience. I have worked in some of the most interesting venues and functions in Australia. Obviously if you want to know more information please feel free to call. Because many of my function were private, that's how I like to keep them.

  • Lingerie Waitress Prices

    (Darwin metro Area Only)

    1 Hour Lingerie Waitress $80 Bucks

    Strip Prices

    3 song (10min) Striptease to G-String - $180

    3 song Strip to Nude - $200

    4 song (15min) Strip to Full Nude - $250

    25 min Vibrator Show - $350

All of my services come with the guaranteed understanding that I will be discreet and private, yes I like to live by that world famous motto what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Obviously by Vegas I mean Darwin but it just doesn't sound right. So if you want to fill your waitress roster with an amazing Lingerie Waitress then please call 0452550378 or if you're on a mobile then click this big BOOK Now Link.

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